Family Safety


Protection & Peace of Mind

Are you the care giver for a child or other family member? 

Keeping track of your loved ones medical information, medications and doctors can get confusing, MEDAlert™ provides an easy way to organize their information.

MEDAlert™ protects your loved ones with immediate and accurate information should an emergency arise in your family. 

MEDAlert™ can provide responders with identification information, current medications, allergies/reactions, and existing medical conditions all of which are critical to appropriate medical treatment.

MEDAlert™ also provides emergency contact information so that the proper people can be notified should a loved one become involved in an accident or have a medical emergency.


Convenient to use and easy to carry, MEDAlert™ ensures all your emergency information is always available.

Just plug the MEDAlert™ into the USB drive of your computer to easily print your complete record. Your complete printed record makes filling out medical history forms simple when going to a new provider or emergency room.

The bright red device with the MEDAlert™ logo will alert medical personnel to your special needs and existing medical conditions. Just keep your MEDAlert™ tag attached to your key chain, purse or lanyard to wear around your neck.

MEDAlert™ gives you and your family the security of knowing your emergency information is there when you need it.